Hygienix Hygiene Soap


You’re Safe in Our Hands. An Antibacterial Soap with Active Silver. Kills 99.9% of Germs. HygieniX Hygiene Soap is an antibacterial soap that contains Active Silver, a powerful ingredient proven to effectively protect the body against 99.99% of germs, while also protecting against infections and diseases. Active Silver is proven to remove all kinds of germs, ensuring that you and your loved ones are clean and protected. HygieniX Hygiene Soap moisturizes for smoother, softer skin offering gentle, yet effective skin cleansing that soothes, protects, invigorates, hydrates, and makes you smell heavenly. With a range of six variants, you’re on your way to a scented, refreshing and rejuvenating bath. HygieniX Hygiene Soap ensures a fresh clean that lasts all day. HygieniX Hygiene Soap cleans wonderfully, without drying out the skin or leaving residue. Its gentleness imparts moisture, and skin feels so soft after every use. It’s amazing how squeaky-clean HygieniX Hygiene Soap leaves skin, no matter how oily your complexion.