Boom Household Bleach


For A Healthier House and Happier Home.

Boom Household Bleach cleans, sanitizes and bleaches. From brightening white and colourful clothes to cleaning and disinfecting floors and other surfaces. It protects your home against stains and harmful germs. Its powerful concentrated formula removes even the toughest of stains such as tea, coffee, fruit, juice, wine, grass and dye. Boom Household Bleach keeps clothes colours naturally bright and whiter for longer. Boom Household bleach is safe for use on both whites and on most colourfast washable fabrics including cotton, nylon and polyester. It is your ultimate laundry partner to disinfect, fight stains, whiten and brighten your garments. This highly concentrated formulation maximises effectiveness during stain removal and as a disinfectant but also saves you money as allowing you to use less product to achieve the same results.